Revolutionary Student Portal Implementation

Industry: Nonprofit Organization

Business Challenge: After a disastrous initial implementation of a previous version, they were working with a vendor who was ultimately taking advantage of them. The vendor initially planned on charging them double what Carabiner would charge. There was no institutional trust across the organization and the stakes could not be higher. They has an initial 6 months go live date for the full version. 

Tools Utilized: Formstack for Salesforce, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Experience Cloud

Company Profile: The National Junior College Athletic association is the second largest athletic association in the country. They have 520 member institutions and over 60,000 students. A big organization including members of disadvantaged and impoverished backgrounds. The NJCAA represents most of the junior and community colleges from an athletics perspective.

The Carabiner Connection: After being informed of the previous failed implementation we consulted with NJCAA leadership and made a game plan. We implemented Formstack, Salesforce, and Experience cloud all together. We continued by helping them negotiate their conflicts and ultimately deployed a solution that was miles ahead of where they expected to be.

Resulting Effects: For the first time the NJCAA is able to report on the demographics of their student base. They now can interact with people using text messages and other digital mechanisms. They are now able to accept payments through the portal and personalize the experience in the institution.

We were fresh off a nightmarish, failed implementation on a different platform and had many fears and reservations about working with another group on a new platform. The Carabiner Group quickly allayed those fears and proved to be incredible partners. Seamus Ruiz-Earle helped us clearly and accurately define our needs as we built the solution that will carry our association forward.

– VP Legal, Diversity, & Human Resources