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Whether that means cleaning up your data, optimizing your current tech stack or executing long term strategies for growth, we are here to help!


Carabiner Group’s proprietary RevOps-as-a-Service model offers clients on-demand, flexible access to RevOps resources as and how they need them the most. The perfect union of tactics and strategy, this offering ranges from data analytics and hands-on system architecture to C-suite level advisory work and GTM due diligence. Our team’s broad experience and backgrounds allow us to support over 150 techstack components, from Salesforce and Hubspot to Netsuite and SAP, all through a centralized tech-agnostic Kanban engagement style. Whether it be a fresh instance or decades old, Carabiner excels at simplifying complex systems to work in harmony with one another.


Carabiner Group offers Advisory-as-a-Service to clients seeking expert guidance, mentorship, and strategic Revenue Operations consulting services. As each client’s needs are unique, we work closely with individual stakeholders to understand and identify current challenges to develop bespoke solutions ranging from GTM strategy to executive coaching and development. We employ our collective decades of industry experience to leverage the right strategic resource, whether that be a Salesforce MVP Architect, a Forbes 30 under 30 CEO, or a 30-year veteran CRO, to ensure our clients always have access to the highest levels of relevant advice.


Carabiner Group’s Admin-as-a-Service plan is designed to provide businesses of all profiles access to a world-class team of highly responsive, adaptable, and capable Salesforce and Hubspot administrators to handle the day-to-day needs of techstack administration. These tasks might include on-demand tech support, report creation, staff augmentation, data cleanup, or anything in between. Our clients embrace Admin-as-a-Service to streamline operations, reduce costs, and increase productivity, while also ensuring that all administrative and operational tasks are handled efficiently and effectively by a dependable team of operators.


Carabiner Group’s unique Audit-as-a-Service package includes a comprehensive audit and assessment of internal controls, system architecture, and GTM processes to establish a baseline center of excellence foundation for pivotal work forward. Based on our findings, Carabiner Group provides recommendations for addressing any issues identified and improving overall performance as part of a wide-ranging report and development plan. In many instances, this audit may be informed by a client’s GTM motions, pricing strategy, system maturity, data strategy, financial reporting suite, and human capital training and development plans.

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