Top-of-Funnel Customer Journey Transformation

Industry: Medical Devices / Manufacturing

Business Challenge: This expanding healthcare company needed to optimize  their already existing Salesforce instance and increase adoption and adherence rates of the platform across a nationally dispersed sales team. Although open to change, a wide-ranging technical ability across the team required a consultative influence to help them enable best practices. An audit of their systems revealed an inefficient process for lead generation, lack of timely responses to the new leads by the sales team, and the need for executive management to have clearer visibility into the sales funnel

Tools Utilized: Formstack Forms for Salesforce, Formstack Documents, Salesforce Sales Cloud

Company Profile: Company Profile: A new American arm of a well-established European medical device manufacturer, this company was introducing a newly FDA-approved medical device into the American market. Although several key executives were pulled from the successful European parent organization to lead the expansion, the new division was still experiencing significant gaps stemming from the tactical execution and buildout of supporting systems.

The Carabiner Connection: Carabiner Group implemented Formstack Forms for Salesforce to enable a transformation in the lead-flow process. This solution allowed leads from website action and industry events to flow directly into a territory assignment and lead-cultivation framework. The automated solution enabled a frictionless workflow and near-immediate action on the inbound   leads. Simultaneously, Carabiner Group instituted Formstack Documents to automatically generate quotes, contracts, and invoices from Salesforce. This coupled with a series of alerts and triggers relating to inactivity on leads enabled Sales reps to stay engaged. Finally, a series of list views, reports, and dashboards were built for regional managers to oversee their team’s performances throughout the quarter.

Resulting Effects: Over the course of the engagement, Carabiner became both internal system administrator and strategic thought partner to internal company leadership. System adoption increased by over 50%, and the client experienced unprecedented levels of insight into the internal workings of the sales team, ultimately exposing both under-performance issues and previously unknown opportunities for growth.

They are very professional and really spend time understanding the issues and providing quality solutions.

– Internal VP of Sales