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Fractional RevOps Just Makes Sense

To paraphrase our friends at Forbes, a good RevOps structure recognizes that revenue isn’t simply an outcome, but rather the result of a process involving the strategic convergence of Sales, Marketing and Customer Success. A good RevOps pro helps define the end-to-end process of driving revenue, from the moment a prospect considers a purchase (marketing), to when you close the deal (Sales), to their renewal and upsell (Customer Service). 

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The problem of course, is that a good RevOps strategy has many moving parts, technologies and strategies. Success is much more likely if you have access to true professionals, people who’ve been there and done that to avoid the pitfalls along the way. A quick glance through LinkedIn job postings show salary for this type of role at over $200k base, plus competitive benefits like equity, full health benefits and 401k. Factoring in everything a full-time RevOps Manager earns a national average compensation in excess of $250k per year, and even these folks don’t have all of the specialized knowledge you need to set up and maintain a full RevOps tech-stack. 

Carabiner Group crafted our RevOps-as-a-Service model as a unique solution to this ubiquitous problem. We know that you need RevOps help at every stage in your organization, all the way from inception to post-IPO, and that you want the resources you invest in the process to net the highest return possible. In our unique RevOps-as-a-Service model, we take the time to learn your business at every level, from the executive team to the day-to-day operators. We make a long-term commitment to partnership alongside your team, developing bespoke strategies and blueprints to ensure success as your team expands and faces new challenges. 

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From hands-on development to strategic advisory to training and enablement of internal team members, we do it all. Our robust crew of experts, technical architects and business analysts alike, document change management and keep all the tribal knowledge secure so that you know how and what has been done to set you up for success. Why worry about hiring one RevOps Superhero when you can get an entire team of specialists who will grow and evolve with you… 

Experience the Carabiner Connection and let us make RevOps easy for you!

Someone with their skills, poise, and perspective is hard to find, and you will realize the truth of that the first time you meet them. Yes, they are experts in Salesforce, but that's not the only reason to hire them.