Meet the team...

Our Executive Leadership

Seamus Ruiz- Earle

CEO & Founder

From financial institutions to high-growth startups, Seamus’ diverse experience enable him to captain the growing diverse team that is Carabiner Group. Today he focuses on ensuring Carabiner remains the leader in the RevOps-as-a-Service space, and working to ensure success for both the Carabiner team and the clients they serve.

Seamus was fortunate to speak at the Dreamforce Global Conference  in 2018. At this time, he was recognized as the youngest Trailblazer in Salesforce History.

Lewis Carney Headshot

Lewis Carney

Managing Director

Lewis oversees each project the firm takes on, bringing experience across a variety of industries and organizations. His diverse skillsets facilitate the allocation of firm resources to best serve Carabiner’s client base, deploying team members to solve problems.

Lewis’ experience building teams and scaling organizations proves invaluable when advising clients on industry best practice. Talent development and industrial organization are some of his most often leveraged areas of expertise.

Cliff Simon Headshot

Cliff Simon

VP of Sales and Revenue

With over 13 years of broad technology experience, Cliff has anchored GTM teams across the SaaS and Service industries. Having worked in both Fortune 20 and High-growth startups, Cliff prefers the fast pace and the ability to deliver significant impact that comes with working in the start-up space.

Cliff is an advisor and fractional executive for several high-growth start-ups where he utilizes his expertise in all things GTM and RevOps and is an active leader of GTM in multiple communities.

Rosalyn Santa Elena

Rosalyn Santa Elena

Chief Revenue Operations Officer

Rosalyn has over 20 years of experience leading GTM & Revenue Operations at several enterprise companies and high-growth start-ups. She has a passion for unleashing the power of RevOps to build, scale, and optimize people, processes, technology, and insights to drive excellence across organizations of all stages and sizes.

Rosalyn serves as a Strategic Advisor at multiple high-growth companies. She is also an active leader and member in several organizations where she is a champion of all things Operations.

Senior Leadership

Gabriella Orazio

Principal Architect

Brittany Stewart

Manager, Delivery

Sarah Alim

Director, Operations