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The Revenue Operations TechStack

In today’s ever-evolving technological landscape, new components of increasing sophistication are added to the RevOps ecosystem with increasing frequency. Carabiner Group endeavors to support a wide breadth and scale of tools… in fact, we pride ourselves on our wide-ranging industry contacts and network of internal subject matter experts. Like knowledgable mechanics, we maintain a strong, equipped toolbox of industry-leading technologies we know how to expertly apply to keep your revenue operations engine running like a well-oiled machine. 

BoostUp’s revenue intelligence platform standardizes the forecasting process, makes it predictive and more accurate while giving the entire revenue team hours back each week.

Salesforce as a Core Competency



Collectively, our team represents decades of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem, working across companies and industries as diverse as you can imagine. We leverage every ounce of that experience working with our clients, relying on the traditional knowledge of our 40+ certifications as well as our niche-specific backgrounds. Throughout the Salesforce ecosystem, we work hard to maintain our good standing in the AppExchange program, leading to a 5-star average from the verified Customer Satisfaction review process.

Salesforce Certifications

The Carabiner Difference

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Global Service...
Domestic Convenience

Carabiner Experts are spread across the United States, ensuring availability in your timezone at your convenience. As a remote-first organization, our team members provide cutting edge support primarily from their areas of residence, with in-person options available when necessary.